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Inspired by the statement of “travel is health” of the famous Turkish traveler Evliya Çelebi, we decided to establish Nasa Tour in 1991 for our valuable travelophiles and guests. We attempted to introduce ourselves in our “About Us” section.

Even if a person is working or not, travelling and seeing different places broaden the horizons of people. As Nasa Tour, our main purpose is to provide you with an excellent tour & trip event and allowing you to travel throughout beloved country, and especially Alanya. And we also aim to make you feel the uniqueness of Nasa Tour

Nasa Tour, beginning its operations in 1991, has an experience over a quarter-century with its staff of experts and qualified employees today. Our travel agency is a member of Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB) and Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ALTSO) and maintains its activities in an entirely legal manner by receiving all the permits. Additionally, we also have additional certificates and documents related to our sector and we can organize tours and travels all around our country.

As in all sectors, customer satisfaction is extremely important in our sector of tourism agencies. We are constantly renewing ourselves in order to provide you better services. The following are the irrevocable criteria for Nasa Tour:

  • Qualified guidance system
  • Safe transportation
  • Affordable prices
  • Sales of tours on the internet
  • Absence of hidden extra prices
  • Travelling on time
  • Active dialogue with the tourists.

Of course, all our planning is not limited to these and we are expecting you to Nasa Tour in order to show you our difference with outstanding characteristics.

We have tours for the entire Turkey with especially Alanya and its vicinity. We are aiming to let you visit not only the historical and cultural locations such as Alanya Castle, the Red Tower, Alanya Archeological Museum, Alara Castle, Observation Terrace and Alanya Port, Alanya Ataturk House Museum, but also a great number of natural wonders such as Alanya Beaches, Damlataş Cave, Dim Creek, Dim Cave, Phosphorus Cave, Sapadere Canyon with a distinct quality we provide you as Nasa Tour. Furthermore, we are also aiming to help you travel to all the touristic locations of Turkey from the north to the south and from the east to the west as Nasa Tour. You will be able to find comprehensive information about all our tours in our website.

We have established a website, telephone numbers that you can reach 7/24, WhatsApp line and Viber lines for our valuable guests. You can reach us via these channels and get all detailed information about our tors. In short, Nasa Tour is always open for you. Also, our office is located in the center of Alanya.