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Antalya City and Travel Guide 

Turkey’s Tourism Paradise…
Antalya, which has become famous as the tourism paradise of Turkey, is the 5th biggest city of the country in terms of its population and the 6th biggest one in terms of land size. The founder of the city is Attalus II Philadelphus, who was the king of Pergamon in 2nd century B.C. It used to be called as Atteleia and Adalia and it has received the name of Antalya during the course of history. Considering its tourism potential and revenue, it shares the first rank with İstanbul.

If we are to list some of the reasons making Antalya a tourist attraction, we may mention its wonderful nature, history, fresh air, its climate of hot weather in the summer and warm weather during the winter, its beautiful blue flag beaches, and most importantly, having rather experienced officials in terms of tourism activities.

Annually, Antalya is virtually raided by tourists within the period from March to November. If you are also planning to spend your holiday in Antalya, we can easily say that a beautiful holiday is waiting for you. Regardless of your home country, we can assure you that you will be satisfied with the sea here. Blue-flag clear waters, beaches with golden sand, and a rather long beach is waiting for you.
Furthermore, there are also a great number of water activities here. You can either discover the pristine bays in a boat tour or experience an increase of adrenaline with attractions. That’s absolutely up to you. Konyaaltı Beach, Kemer, Belek Beach, Lara Beach, Andrea Doria Bay, Kaputaş Beach, and Cleaopatra Beach are among the well-known beaches. You can enjoy the sea until satisfied at these beaches.
Cuisine is the essential thing for a holiday. Gustatory repertoire of Antalya is extremely developed both in the city center and in the tourism facilities. You will be able to find almost all the famous dishes during your visit including the Mediterranean, Greek, Far Eastern and Middle Eastern kitchens, and especially the delicious meals of Turkish cuisine.
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Antalya is only known for its summer tourism. However, the city is a location, which hosted humanity since ancient times. There are thousands of traces belonging to the Lycians, Romans, Byzantines, and the Ottomans in the city. Accordingly, you will also be able to closely observe this historical heritage as well as visiting the new museums.
There are also various activities such as ropeway trips, parachute, and trekking in Mount Olympus and Taurus Mountains; you can also participate in these activities and you can even go camping. The location, known as the Old Town (Kaleiçi) can be the starting point of your travel route.
If you are interested in nature, spectacular Manavgat Waterfall and Kurşunlu, and Düden Waterfalls are exactly for you. The sound of the vibrant waters will help you reach tranquility. Moreover, the ancient city of Perga in the vicinity of Kurşunlu Waterfall is also worth seeing. You can also see the remains of Pamphylia Civilization. Antalya Musem will provide important information about the ancient civilizations in the region and the World War I. If you have the chance to visit Köprülü Canyon and Tazı Canyon, you can take wonderful photos and enjoy the nature in these places. Aspendos Ancient City is one of the best preserved ancient Roman cities in the world. The city was founded by the Achaeans and was also used by the Romans for some period in history. As the roots of Antalya dates back to ancient history, the ancient cities here are plentiful. The ancient site of Patara and Termessos Archeological site are also among the ancient remains that are worth seeing.
Ancient theaters were built with a huge capacity even during those periods in history. A unique surprise is also waiting for you in the coast of Lara. Sandland is a heavenly visual feast harboring dozens of sculptures made only of water and sand. You should definitely see that place as well.
Thanks to both winter and summer tourism activities, Antalya has become the world-renowned brand of Turkey. With the experience accumulated over the years, both domestic and foreign tourist always leave Antalya in a satisfied state. Apart from its beaches, natural beauties and the importance of its history,
Antalya is also a total festival city. Regularly, cycling tours are organized for the athletes each year, Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival is held for the art-lovers, and there are also festivals in the summer camping grounds over the plateaus providing to opportunity to experience the local culture. As Antalya has become successful in all these organizations, it hosted events such as G-20 Summit in 2015 and 2016 Expo thanks to its already demonstrated achievements. Especially in recent years, approximately 3000 sports teams organize their winter camps in Antalya between November and March to get ready for the new season.
Antalya is always shining. Everything is green and blooming. Beautiful beaches, ancient places, scenic mountains, canyons. We invite you to our one-day or multi-day tours in Antalya.
All the best sights of Antalya.
What to do in Antalya.
For lovers of mass recreation, as well as for those who come with children, we offer the best day trips in Antalya: dolphinarium, Land of Legends amusement park, aquarium-aquarium.

For lovers of unusual places and ancient architecture, we offer one-day and two-day trips from Antalya to Pamukkale for unforgettable impressions. One of the most amazing resorts in Turkey.

We have also  two-day and three-day excursions to Cappadocia from Antalya. You will meet with the alien landscapes saturated with incredible energy of this phenomenon place. Visit underground cities and amazing valleys!

Thrill-seekers are invited to the Antalya Jeep Safari Tour. Discover the beauty of Taurus and get acquainted with the life of the Turkish village and its inhabitants.

We also have active tours from Antalya. Rafting, canyoning and zipline from Antalya are real water adventures!

Contact us and we will make your holiday trip a joyful memorable experience!