Come spend a wonderful 2 day excursion with us on the Nasa Tour in the famous Pamukkale! Pamukkale “cotton castle”, as the place looks, is a really popular travel destination among Belek tourists. No wonder, as the hot natural pools and simply stunning scenery attract tourists to the place. Join us on this fun trip!  Pamukkale natural pools are believed to cure a variety of skin problems. In the old days, right at the top of Pamukkale, there was a Roman health center, and they used water to cure various diseases. When you visit the site, you will still be able to see the ruins well, as the locals have carefully protected the old health center. Pamukkale takes its name from the high embankments and whitewashed limestone layers. The water of Pamukkale is so calcareous that for thousands of years the calc has formed various white plateaus and natural pools on the site. The water is around +36 degrees all year round.  When we arrive in beautiful Pamukkale, we first take a tour of Pamukkale as well as the cities of Hierapolis. Our English-language guides will tell you about the history and life of places before the old days. After this, you have free time to explore the beautiful sights or even swim in the hot natural pools. You will also find a variety of shops and souvenir shops on site. In the evening we head towards the hotel where we enjoy dinner before staying overnight.  Pamukkale is one of the most important and popular attractions in Turkey as well as excursion places around the world, especially among tourists from Belek. So make sure you book your tickets on time, as these will be taken out of hand! Also pack with your camera so you can capture these amazing experiences with you. Pamukkale is a destination worth experiencing and we promise you will not be disappointed with its beauty! Welcome to join us on the Nasa Tour to spend unforgettable excursion moments!

Tour Program

Day 1:
 Departure from the hotel on a comfortable bus, equipped with air conditioning
 Stop for breakfast (you can take lunch-box the day before with you in the hotel)
 Arrival in Denizli / Pamukkale
 Walking through the territory of the complex of ancient cities of Pamukkale and Hierapolis, visiting the Necropolis
 ​​​​​​Free time: you can swim in the healing pool of Cleopatra or wander around the ruins of ancient Hierapolis
 ​​​​​Walks on snow-white travertines Pamukkale
 ​​​​​​Check in hotel
 Overnight at the hotel

Day 2:
 Breakfast, check-out from the hotel
 Visit to the ancient mosque
 Visiting the springs of Karahayit (optional)
 Visit to the leather goods factory
 Return to the hotel

Departure / arrival time: 06:00 - 18:00

 Transfer from and to the hotel
 ​​​​1 breakfast at the hotel, 1 dinner at the hotel
 Overnight at the hotel 3*

 ​​​​​Lunch (10 euro x 2 days, optional)
 ​​​​​Entrance ticket to the territory of the complex Pamukkale - Hierapolis - Necropolis (80 liras)
 Visit to Kleopatra's pool (80 lire, optional)

What you should take with you: passport, comfortable shoes, swimming suit, towel, sunscreen, cape from the sun, water

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