Salda Lake & Pamukkale From Alanya

Have you ever heard of the Turkish Maldives? Yes, you can find one here, you know that there is everything in Turkey, even the Maldives! Jump on our fun daytrip and come and prove it for yourself on this wonderful excursion! We invite you for a trip with us on the Nasa Tour to one of the most beautiful places not only in Turkey, but in the whole world: the mysterious Salda Lake! The scenery of Lake Salda is no worse than that of Maldives: endless beaches with white sand, crystal

clear turquoise waters and nature that surrounds a beautiful lake. Some time ago, scientists discovered a very unusual chemical composition of geological rocks near the lake. Such rocks are found in only two places on our planet: Salda Lake and the Maldives! Lake Salda is also of volcanic origin and is the deepest freshwater lake in all of Turkey! Salda is 184 meters deep and also the cleanest lake in our country! We offer you the opportunity to swim in this picturesque lake and take great pictures.  After this we head towards to the white Pamukkale

! Pamukkale's natural pools are believed to cure a variety of skin problems. In the old days, right at the top of Pamukkale, there was a Roman health center, and they used water to cure various diseases. When you visit the site, you will still be able to see the ruins well, as the locals have carefully protected the old health center. Pamukkale gets its name from the high embankments and whitewashed calix layers. The water of Pamukkale is so calcareous that for thousands of yearsthe calix has formed various white plateaus and natural pools on the site. The water is around +36 degrees all year round.  And as the name of the trip suggests, on this trip we don’t stop for shopping, but use all our valuable time to explore the wonders and places of nature!  So join us and let’s go together with the Nasa Tour towards picturesque scenery that you wouldn’t think you’ve found in Turkey. Side excursions are waiting for you!

Tour Program

 Departure from the hotel early in the morning (around 03:00) on a comfortable bus, equipped with air conditioning
 Stop for breakfast
 Arrival at Salda Lake, free time (1 hour)
 Departure to Pamukkale
 Arrival in Denizli / Pamukkale
 Visit of the complex of ancient cities of Pamukkale and Hierapolis, Necropolis

Free time:
 You can swim in Cleopatra’s pool or walk around
 Return to the hotel around 22:00 pm

Departure / arrival time: 03:00 - 22:00

 Transfer from the hotel and back
 English speaking guide

 Entrance ticket to the territory of the complex Pamukkale - Hierapolis - Necropolis (80 liras)
 Visit to Cleopatra's pool (80 liras)

What you should take with you: comfortable shoes, swimming suit, towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, cape from the sun, water

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