Cappadocia tour from Antalya 2 days

Come visit and see amazing places with us in beautiful Cappadocia, as well as experience an unforgettable hot air balloon flight as the morning sun rises! Cappadocia tours are waiting you. Cappadocia has been a popular destination for its special landforms for thousands of years. The soil of Cappadocia is the petrified ash of an ancient volcano, really soft. Most of the houses are built inside sugar-shaped stones. So on hot days, locals stay cool inside.

To protect themselves from foreign invaders, the early Christians began building underground cities that went up to tens of meters deep into the ground. Christian monks also existed in the underground dwellings of Cappadocia, and the great valleys of the whole cave were turned into monasteries. Even today, these underground homes are in excellent condition, as they have been well protected by the locals.  In an impressive underground city, with numerous churches with well-preserved frescoes, Göreme is a unique and huge open-air museum protected by UNESCO today.

Many tourists say that in Göreme the scenery is like straight from the wild west! The beautiful valleys of Cappadocia grab your attention with their interesting history.  What an oriental story without a real flying carpet, but in Cappadocia, a hot air balloon is your substitute! From above you can see the beautiful scenery of Cappadocia that you will not see anywhere else! The hot air balloon rises before the morning sun so you can see the first rays from high in the air.

Come experience this unforgettable excursion with us on the Nasa Tour, these opportunities are not often offered! The Cappadocia tour is guaranteed to be a wonderful memory in everyone's mind!

Tour Program

Day 1:
 Departure from the hotel
 Stop for breakfast (you can take lunch-box the day before with you when you’re leaving the hotal)
 Stop for lunch
 Arrival in Cappadocia, exploration of underground cities
 Fortress Uchisar, walking in the outskirts of Cappadocia: Pashabag valley, Love Valley, Pigeon valley, etc.
 Check-in at the hotel (Stone Concept Hotel or Otel Kral)
 Dinner at the hotel
 Cappadocian night (optional)

Day 2:
 Fly in a hot air balloon (optional)
 Breakfast in the hotel
 Devrent Valley
 Visit to the Church of John the Baptist
 Visit to the open-air museum of Göreme
 Stop near craft shops (leather clothes, sweets, dried fruits)
 Caravanserai Sultan Khan
 Stop for lunch
 Return to your hotel

Departure / arrival time: 04:00 - 18:00

 Breakfast and dinner at the hotel
 Overnight at the hotel 4 * (charge for a single stay 13€)

 Flight in a hot air balloon (160 €)
 Cappadocian night
 2 Lunches (10 € × 2)
 All entrance fees

What you should take with you: passport, water, lunch-box from the hotel, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, clothes to keep you warm for visiting the underground city and ballooning

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