Belek Dolphins Show 

We invite you to visit the Dolphinarium, which is located on the territory of the Park "AQUALAND", and recharge yourself with positive and indelible emotions

DOLPHIN SHOW will amaze you with what these smartest mammals are capable of! This is the best way to give joy not only to your children, but also to yourself! Dolphins as well as sea lions are truly amazing animals and they quickly learn new tricks. Dolphins are very playful and love to perform and learn new things. They are also the wisest mammals in the world, as well as very friendly. Dolphins can reach speeds of up to 60 km per hour while swimming! Dolphins are about 3 meters long, and there are 43 different species in the world. They are also really long lasting, some have lived up to 50 years old! The adult dolphin weighs about 120 kg, and eats 15 kg of small fish and seafood daily. That’s why it’s really important that the park takes careful care of dolphin food and its quality.


Poor quality food can lead to dolphin illness. Each dolphin has its own caretaker who keeps every day concerns that the mammal is all right and they are satisfied with their lives. Dolphins love attention, so caregivers have their hands full while caring for and giving all their attention to these large mammals. The dolphin caretaker as well as the dolphin, practice new tricks several times a week, which they look

forward to showing you !  Sea lions are much larger than dolphins. A female sea lion weighs about 300 kg, while a male can weigh up to 1000 kg. Sea lions don’t jump and move as fast as dolphins, but they know the tricks too, especially on dry land these animals know how to delight everyone! Sea lions have gentle kind eyes and they like attention, tricks, games and photos ;-) At the end of the show, you have the opportunity to take a picture but be careful, as these animals like to play and splash water, so be prepared to get wet if you sit in the front row.  If you wish, after the show you have the opportunity to swim with dolphins (1 person swimming once the pri

Tour Program

 Departure from the hotel
 Arrival at the Dolphinarium
 Dolphin show
 Photos with dolphins (extra charge)
 Swimming with dolphins (extra charge)
 Return to hotel

 Transfer from the hotel and back
 Entrace ticket

 Photos with dolphins
Swimming with dolphins  (100 euro)

What should take on you: swimming suit and towel (if you want to swim with dolphins), camera


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