Alanya Turkish Bath Hamam

Turkish Bath Hamam Experience in Kemer  For all our tourists, we at nasa Tour recommend start a holiday in Turkey with a visit to the traditional Turkish Bath - Hamam! A visit to Hamam on the first or second day of your arrival will guarantee to you an perfect tan and perfect relaxing start for the holiday! Turkish baths have long been recognized throughout the world. This is one of the types of classical bath traditions that originate from the Roman Empire and survived to this day.

The essence of Hamam is immersion in the world of local traditions, purification and rejuvenation of the soul and body.  The main feature of Hamam lies in the unique temperature and humidity conditions of bathing procedures. The temperature in

Hamam does not exceed comfortable 40-50 degrees Celsius. With almost 100% of air humidity, the effect of detoxifying the body and removing slag in a Turkish bath is quite comparable to hot Finnish saunas. But at the same time a person does not feel exhausted by excessive heat. The ideal ratio of temperature and

humidity of air makes it possible to carry out a full range of cosmetic procedures in a Turkish bath: various types of massage, hair and skin care. Hamam's procedure includes five steps: warming up the body, vigorous massage (hard, deep and at the same time relaxing, after which the body becomes light and flexible), peeling (rubbing off dead skin particles with a hard glove, the body

becomes smooth and shiny), soaping hot soap bar and pouring water from a copper bowl, and then relaxing in the relaxation room.  To pass these five steps you will be pleased to help the friendly and professional staff of our Hamam.  Visiting our Turkish bath You not only cleanse your body, but also thoughts, so that nothing could stop you from relaxing and enjoying the long waited holiday!  Peeling with a special glove - kese Relaxing full body foam massage

Tour Program

 Transfer to Hamam
 Peeling with a special glove - kese
 Relaxing full body foam massage
 Relaxation room. You can drink tea or soft drinks
 Relax body massage using aromatic oils
 Masks for the face (optional)

Total treatment time: about 2 hours

 Transfer from the hotel and back
 Several types of massage
 Safe deposit box

 Masks for face

What should take on you: swimming suit, shoes for water procedures

Price for children:
 A program for children 0-11 years old with a 10-minute oil massage - 50% of the price for an adult
 With full service, the price for children is 100%!

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