Alanya Paragliding

Did you know you can fly? Not just in a dream, but in reality over the beautiful mountains of Alanya! Jump aboard the Nasa Tour and its paragliding together over stunning scenery and the beautiful turquoise sea! Here is a unique opportunity for you to get to see the beautiful Alanya from bird perspective, and experience an unforgettable experience that you will remember forever! Have you seen beautiful different colored parachutes in the sky during your previous holidays in Alanya, these are just them! Does flying sound wild? Fear not, we have strict security rules for everyone to ensure maximum security.

Before paragliding, you will complete mandatory safety training, where we will tell you instructions and how to act. We then install and wear all the gear on, and then jump towards of freedom! At first this may be a little exciting but don’t worry, after a while you will come to relax and enjoy all that our beautiful Alanya has to offer you. We fly at an altitude of about 600-700 meters and the flight takes about 10-15 minutes. We will fly over the fortress, the mountains and the famous Cleopatra beach. All you have to do is admire the scenery, enjoy the ride and let a professional pilot fly you safely to your destination. If you wish, we can shoot your flight with a GoPro camera, for an additional fee. In this video, you will see afterwards the beginning of your reaction to the jump and the alliance. If the top is a little tense, this will only make you laugh afterwards! Sounds wild doesn't it?

Jump aboard and lets fly together towards the unforgettable scenery and adventures that Alanya has to offer us! This paragliding excursion is suitable for everyone, for those who want to enjoy nature and beautiful scenery, and for those who relax. You will not experience anything like this anywhere else! These moments are the ones you should experience more, boldly jump towards the unknown and just let go without worries. Come experience these unforgettable moments with us on the Nasa Tour, we promise you will not be disappointed. Alanya's famous excursions are waiting you.

Tour Program

 Departure from the hotel in the direction to the base, then to the starting point
 Mandatory safety instruction
 Equipment, including a helmet and a communication system
 Flight over the coast of Alanya
 Return to the hotel

 Professional english speaking instructor

 Video and photography

What you should take with you: sports shoes, comfortable clothes, water

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