Aspendos and Manavgat Waterfall Daily Tour 

Aspendos and Manavgat Waterfall Tour from Alanya If you are interested about excursions to ancient sites and their secrets and want to get to hear old, historical stories, this trip is just for you! Come with us on the Nasa Tour to spend an unforgettable excursion day adventuring in old places!  Our trip begins when we head towards to the town and waterfall of Manavgat, founded in the Seljuk era.

The temperature of this beautiful green waterfall does not exceed +12 degrees even on hot days. This is a wonderful place to freshen up on hot days. aspendos theatre  Next, we visit the old town of Old, founded in the 7th century BC, after which the town became a rich and unfamous center of the slave trade and pirates. Legends says that Side was a favorite meeting place between Mark Anthony and the beautiful Cleopatra.Today, Side is considered an open-air museum.

By visiting our site you will understand why, wherever you go, you can find historical sites and attractions from back to the 2nd century. Side also has an ancient Roman amphitheater where tournaments and gladiator matches were held. You will also find the temples of Apollo and Aphrodite in Side.aspendos antalya  Finally, we visit the beautiful ancient city of Aspendos. In Aspendos you will find well-preserved ancient buildings that have been well protected by the locals. Touring the city gives you a clear idea of ​​what life has been like before. The main attraction of the city is the huge Roman theater.The theater can accommodate about 17,000 spectators and the theater is still in operation today, for music, opera and ballet performances.

Come spend this wonderful daytrip of sightseeing with us on the Nasa Tour! This excursion is perfect for anyone who likes to see historical and ancient places as well as hear a variety stories about the places. In your free time you can go shopping in Side where you will find numerous shops, or have a coffee and snack break at local cafes. We at Nasa Tour guarantee you the perfect excursion that you will not easily forget

Tour Program

 Departure from the hotel in the direction of the city of Manavgat
 Visit to the the waterfall
 Visit to the ancient city of Side, free time
 Visit to the amphitheater of Aspendos
 Return to the hotel

Departure / arrival time: 8:30 - 17:00

 Transfer from the hotel and back
 Guide services

 ​​​​​​​Entrance ticket to Aspendos (50 liras)
 ​​​​​Entrance ticket to the waterfall (6 liras)
 Shopping (souvenirs, etc.)

What you should take with you: comfortable shoes, sunscreen, water

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