Alanya Vip Turkish Bath-Excursions in Alanya-Antalya-Belek-Side

KING'S LUXURY HAMAM IN ALANYA We are all special and important. That is why this Hamam is the right place for you! Many Alanya tourist come on holiday to relax, but on the beach, for example, it is not possible to properly relax in the middle of a loud noise and a large crowd of people. That is why we offer our important customers the opportunity to relax properly, in a peaceful atmosphere without distractions in our lovely hamam!  Come pamper yourself and your body in our beautiful modern relaxation, beauty and health center.

Here you can relax in a completely different way than anywhere else. You will experience amazing relaxation for your entire body. The sophisticated atmosphere of our spa and our professional staff will make you feel royal.  Every step you take in our spa makes you feel like you are the king or queen of the world. And indeed, you are royal in choosing this magnificent hamam which is like a real palace!  This is a secret only between us, but we only accept a maximum of 10 people at a time so that our professional caregivers can serve everyone equally well and you can relax in peace in a small group.  At our spa you can experience an oriental yet modern atmosphere, including saunas, hot tubs and swimming pools.

We also have a VIP section for women, where only the female staff will take care of you and your needs.The professional staff that takes care of your needs throughout the hamam also exfoliates your skin thoroughly and washes with various gentle substances.This is really necessary, especially in heat, because all the dirt that is on our skin, as well as sweat, clogs our skin pores and prevents tanning.

The Turkish bath, Hamam, is a really good relaxation experience for couples as well as groups of friends, in the middle of all the activity and excursions. We must also remember to pamper ourselves, even if we are on vacation! As we said earlier, we only accept small groups (max 10 people), so please book yourself a moment of pampering in time so you don’t just miss out! Don’t hesitate

Tour Program

The 120 minutes program includes:
 Wet steam menthol room
 Salt therapy
 ​​​​​Exotic shower
 ​​​​​​Peeling in hamam
 ​​​​​Foam massage
 ​​​​​​Fresh fruits and drinks
 ​​​​​​Mask for the face
 ​​​​​​Full body massage with aroma oil (30 minutes)
 Each visitor is provided with personal shoes. 

Price for children:
 A program for children 0-11 years old with a 10-minute oil massage - 50% of the price for an adult
With full service, the price for children is 100%!

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