Alanya Duden Waterfalls Side  Aspendos Tour

Duden Waterfalls Side & Aspendos Tour Come with us on the Nasa Tour to spend an unforgettable excursion of sightseeing towards the magnificent Side and other cities! Our excursion is full of history and attractions for everyone. The super popular Side is waiting for you and other tourists in Alanya, so don’t miss this opportunity to get to know the famous Side!  With a professional guide, your daytrip begins by visiting one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey:

Side! Some even call Side as an open-air museum, as all over the city there are historical sites and attractions, such as the Temple of Apollo and Athena, the Side Museum, the Aniasi water bath and the ancient Roman baths.  Next we visit the ancient city of Aspendos. This city is an important place and a great attraction for all tourists because in the 2nd century a huge Roman theater was built here which used to be used as a gladiator for matches and tournaments. The Aspendos Amphitheater is better protected than other ancient theaters as the theater is built on local calix stone.

After this we visit a national park called Duden! Here is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the Antalya region. In fact, this waterfall should be called the most romantic waterfall of all in the Mediterranean, for that reason x this is a popular propose destination for many tourists. In your free time, you can go shopping at local shops, clothing stores, souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes. You can also look more and explore the old sights.  Come spend a wonderful day trip of sightseeing with us on the Nasa Tour! Day trips are really popular excursions so please take care that you get in. Also book your camera

with you as you will see and experience such great things that you are sure to want to capture for yourself. These moments will stay in your mind forever! Alanya excursions are waiting for you ..

Tour Program

 Departure from the hotel
 Visit to the ancient Side city, free time
 Visit to the Aspendos amphitheater
 Visit to Duden National Park and waterfall
 Visit to the jewelry store
 Visit to the factory of sweets
 Return to the hotel

Departure / arrival time:  8:30 - 18:00

 Transfer from the hotel and back
 English speaking guide

 Entrance ticket to Aspendos (50 liras)
 Entrance ticket to the waterfall (6 liras)

What you should take with you: comfortable shoes, sunscreen, water

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