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World famous Pamukkale

World famous Pamukkale

  • 07 April Tuesday, 2020

Come spend a wonderful daytrip with us at the famous Pamukkale! Pamukkale, known as the '' cotton castle '', as it really looks, is a very popular excursion and travel destination among Alanya tourists.

And it's no wonder, because the wonderfully hot natural pools and the absolutely magnificent scenery attract tourists everywhere! We organize wonderful day trips or 2-day excursions here on the Nasa Tour.

Our day trip begins early in the morning with our modern, well-equipped bus. After a while we stop for a traditional Turkish breakfast and then continue our journey. Before arriving in Pamukkale, we also stop together for a delicious lunch.

After that we head to Pamukkale. At there, we give everyone free time to explore this magnificent destination. We recommend everyone to look closely these wonderful hot natural pools.

They are absolutely amazing, how can nature create them by itself ?! Before going back to Alanya, we also enjoyed a delicious dinner together, and after that we headed back to Alanya with satisfaction.

If one day doesn't feel like it enough, book a two day trip to Pamukkale. On a two-day excursion, the first-day program is the same as a day trip to Pamukkale, but before dinner we head towards the hotel where we enjoy dinner together. The next day, we visit famous places around Pamukkale, such as the ancient mosque.

In the afternoon we head towards Alanya and of course we stop for lunch. So no one needs to be hungry at any time;). Pamukkale's hot natural pools are believed to cure various skin problems. In the old days, on the very top of Pamukkale Hill, there was a Roman health center, where they used water to cure various diseases.

When you visit here, you can still see the ruins, because the locals have carefully protected the old one Where does Pamukkale's name come from? Pamukkale is named for its high terrain and vitrified limestone layers. In Pamukkale, the water is so calcareous that for thousands of years the lime in the flowing water has formed various white plateaus and natural

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