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Towards to the Green Canyon

Towards to the Green Canyon

  • 04 April Saturday, 2020

Towards to the Green Canyon

The Green Canyon is for sure one of the most beautiful places in the whole Turkey! Here's a great opportunity for you to witness it and relax for the whole day!  This beautiful canyon is surrounded by the famous Taurus Mountains and stunning Alanya scenery. Clear turquoise water, untouched wild nature combine creates a stunning postcard view where you can relax without stress and worries.

No bustle or hurry, just nature's own sounds, water flow and peace. This is the perfect trip to relax during a busy vacation, here the soul rests!  Our tour together towards the beautiful Green Canyon begins with a modern, air-conditioned and well-equipped bus to the magnificent viewing platform with beautiful postcard views of Alanya. After that, we drive down a tricky mountain trail, and down below we board the boat.

The boat sails through beautiful places and landscapes. On the way we offer a delicious lunch of course, as well as several stops where you can take a dip in the cool turquoise water or sunbathe and relax. A wonderful opportunity to book a perfect relaxation tour for couples or groups of friends in beautiful Alanya surrounded by beautiful nature and turquoise water. This is what you will not see in anywhere else!

 Although the vacation is for relaxation, you often have reserve so much to see and other activities that they create stress. That's why it's important to remember to pamper yourself and allow yourself to relax and enjoy yourself properly, after all, that's why you are on vacation! And what better place for that than a wonderful

Alanya! Our prices include transportation, a delicious lunch and soft drinks. The smallest family members always travel with us for free, and 7-11 year olds half price. A wonderful trip with the whole family or your better half, for example, the day after the jeep safari, or after some other wild activity. Remember to visit our hamam before coming here to guarantee yourself a perfect tan!

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