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Shopping in the Center of Alanya

Shopping in the Center of Alanya

  • 24 July Friday, 2020

Shopping in Alanya


Surely you are interested in how to do your favourite shopping in Alanya, right? Then you are in the right place! The city of Alanya is small town, but there are many options how and where to shop! There are markets, shopping malls and boutiques locted in the center of Alanya and much more and vendors are just waiting for you! Every tourist in Alanya is the first to come across a center near the port and the statue of President Atatürk.


Shopping in the center of Alanya is the best at Friday´s local market, which takes place all day from morning until sunset with local fruits and vegetables. The market in Alanya is visited not only by tourists who spend their holidays here, but also by locals who buy fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, sweets, cheeses, spices and other goodies. Of course, there are also clothes that you can buy on the market in Alanya, but watch out for prices! Important during shopping in Alanya, and in every Turkish market is bargaining! Never buy anything for the original price of goods, especially not textiles and shoes! If you are handy, you will get half of the original prce. So remember to bargain and bargain in the market!


In the center of Alanya you will laso find various local shops and boutiques with Turkish brands, such as LC Waikiki, DeFacto, Koton, Polo, Mavi, Mudo, etc. We recommend visiting these shops in Alanya, you will be surprised by the prices for clothes! You can buy T-shirts from 40 Turkish lira and other great things for yourself and your love ones that you will be happy long time after your holiday in Alanya.


Don´t be ashamed to pull out your phone with a calculator during your purchases and recalculate the current price. For example, in larger furriers or gold shops, they can offer you prices directly in Euros, or in Dollars, on in Turkish Lira. Také your calculator and recalculate the best rate for you, the most advantageous one.


Markets in Alanya are the most popular place for shopping. There are markets in and around Alanya on different days:


Monday – Oba

Tuesday – Alanya (next to fish market), Mahmutlar (Cumhuriet area) and Okurcalar

Wednesday – Avsallar, Konakli a Kestel

Thursday – Tosmur (on the boarders with Oba)

Friday – Alanya centrum, Okurcalar and Kargicak

Saturday – Mahmutlar

Sunday – Alanya – crossing streets: Yayla Yolu and Alaiye Cad.


Fish market in Alanya is opened every day.


If you do not want to walk among the crowds of tourists and locals at the market in Alanya, you can visit the local shopping center Alanyum, located just above the city of Alanya, in the area of Oba. A classic shopping mall where you can get everything you need. Handbags, shoes, Carefour market and of course there are also restaurants locted on the top floor of the Alanyum shopping center. In addition, in Alanyum you can also buy househld goods, electornic appliances, jewelry and much more.

Another place for shopping in Alanya is the Metro. The metro is like Makro, you can buy all kinds of food, alcohol, meat, but also electronic devices for great prices, better than if you go to a small supermarket in Alanya. To Metro and Alanyum you can get by bus number 2 and 202, which stops right in front of these places, so you don´t have to worry about getting lost somewhere in Alanya during your shopping.


And if you want to shop in Alanya really cheap, we recommend visitng Sali Pazari, which is located a short walk from the shopping center Alanyum. Sali Pazari is located on the famous street „Chevreyolu“ bypass around Alanya (bus 2 and 202). A multi-storey bulding where you can buy everything for the household, towels, dishes, tea and coffee glasses and other things at unbeatable prices!


And if u want to také a small trip around Alanya before diner, we recommend going to Sali Pazari. And if you are not afraid to wander the local Turkish streets, the 25th street, located in the middle of Alanya, hides for you wonderfull classic turkish shops, where you can buy flowers, hookahs, clothes for children and adults, find a hairdresser at great prices, not like in the city center!


Among other things, tourists from all over the world go shopping in Alanya for gold and fur! Today, the prices of gold is no longer as advantageous throughtout Turkey as it was in the past, but you can still come across a gold trade in which you can negotiate an interesting price. When it comes to fur shopping in Alanya, we recomend visiting large fur shops, where traders will show you their offer and you will have a much larger choice. Fur products are high quality here and who wouldn´t want to také a leather jacket from their holiday in Turkey, right?


Other popular products for shopping in Alanya are, of course, local Turkish specialties, whether they are nuts, sweets, baklava, spices and cheeses. These are all great gifts for your loved ones, how to make them happy and make them think that you thought of them during your holiday in Turkey.


We at Nasa Tour believe that you will really enjoy your shopping in Alanya at the local markets or shopping malls and wish you pleasant bargaining fun!



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Shopping in the Center of Alanya

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Surely you are interested in how to do your favourite shopping in Alanya, right?
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