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  • 02 April Thursday, 2020

Alanya is a very popular tourist destination and no wonder because of its beautiful scenery, large mountains, turquoise sea and wonderful weather all summer long attracts many tourists to make holiday in Alanya. Families, couples and groups of friends head towards to Alanya every summer. The cheap price level also attracts many tourists for a holiday. Beautiful Alanya is also full of different kinds of attractions and excursions and we at Nasa Tour, are serving the finest and highest quality service throughout the year. Was it on your mind to spend a wonderful family day trip, or a trip to partying with friends or join us for a romantic time alone with your partner, we take care that your day will be memorable!


If you have a special occasion in mind for your holiday in Alanya and want to make the moment memorable, we recommend renting a VIP yacht. Or if boat trips aren't thrilled because of the number of people, etc., we recommend this opportunity. Just tell us what's on your mind and we promise to organize everything! Whether you have a surprise party for your friend, a romantic evening for your better half or a day out with the whole family at sea in our own privacy, we have everything. On the yacht, the price includes lunch, fruit serving and unlimited soft drinks. We also offer swimming breaks as your request if the heat in Alanya gets too hot. The lucky ones can spot dolphins from the sea, are you one of them? ;-) Wonderful Alanya, good weather, good company and rent your very own ship? A perfect summer day! Isn't it everyone's dream to sail the turquoise sea in the best company in beautiful weather!


The duration of the trip is 4 hours and you can swim in the wonderfully turquoise ocean several times, sunbathe, even dance to the music of your choice, and admire the beautiful scenery of Alanya. Just contact us and we will plan and book your desired yacht trip together! However, book your trips early, as summer is known to be a busy time and tickets are sold quickly. The ship can accommodate up to 12 people, so size your group accordingly.


And as always, the smallest in the family sail with us for free, and 7-11 year olds at half price. Welcome to Nasa Tour!

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