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  • 01 July Monday, 2019

Alanya is known for its quite affordable prices and delicious food.  Here you can eat all-day meals easily and at the very same price as having lunch in your country.  We recommend testing different restaurants and eating places every day to see and taste as many different tastes as possible in Alanya.


 Alanya's major main streets are full of tourist restaurants, which also have slightly higher prices than, for example, local restaurants.  These restaurants often serve some local and international dishes. Some restaurants even specialize in, for example, Finnish or Swedish dishes, but at very low prices.  From the smaller side streets you will find local restaurants at even cheaper prices. These restaurants serve traditional Turkish cuisine, usually behind the showcase, where you can choose your favorite food.  There is also a wide range of beach restaurants for every taste.


 Bakeries and cafes can be found at every corner, where you can take away delicious stuffed fresh breads and pastries.  On the streets you will also find small red stalls of bagels, where you can decide whether to fill the chocolate, cream cheese or olive paste with freshly baked salty bagel.  These bagels are called Simit. Today, Simit costs about 1.25 to 1.50 tl, and it is an easy and quick snack. On the streets you will also find many other snacks, such as fresh corn cobs, popcorn, ice cream, smoothies and freshly squeezed juices.  And all for an incredible price!


 Alanya has not yet taken much into the special diets, but gluten-free foods have started to appear on the list of many restaurants.  For example, if you are staying in an apartment where you have the opportunity to prepare your own meals, I recommend that you visit in the Migros stores, where gluten-free products have already started to appear in your department.  Soy milk is also found in the Migros shop and many cafés, including lactose-free milk.



 In warm Alanya it is also easy to go for a wonderful dinner in the finest restaurants, away from the streets and bustle.  There are many wonderful restaurants on the Kale Hill with amazing city, sea and mountain views. The Rabbit Restaurant, located next to the I Love Alanya sign, also offers great views and delicious food and drinks.  In the very center is Villa Okan, what is also a really popular restaurant that is full in the evenings. Villa Okan also often plays wonderful live music, which everyone enjoys. At the harbor, you will also find lovely, peaceful restaurants specializing in seafood.  However, be careful that you go to the harbor before 23:00, because at that time, the nearby bars will start to play music, which may go up to the restaurants.


 And have you ever tried the famous Turkish breakfast?  Dozens of skulls and cups are brought to the table full and you will enjoy wonderful different foods.  The most common dishes of traditional Turkish breakfast include different cheeses, jams, breads, fruits and vegetables, omelette, olives, stuffed breads, cheese rolls, different meats, and a lot more!  Traditional turkish tea is usually included in the price, and the price for such breakfast is around 30-45tl depending on the location. So it's not really bad when you get your stomach full until the evening: this rich breakfast should be enjoyed for several hours.



 In Alanya you can pay your bills in euros, but we recommend paying for lira as the bills should always be.  Many tourist restaurants have their own ”in thrower”, who talks and attracts customers. Often, they are very nice and friendly, and everyone will get a smile on them face.

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