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Fires of Chimera trip from Kemer

Fires of Chimera trip from Kemer

  • 27 July Monday, 2020


Fires of Chimera trip from Kemer


Fires of Chimera trip from Turkish city Kemer? Do you have an unfrogettable holiday in the Kemer and you want to go on the trip where you can experience something you won´t find in the world? You have great opportunity to don´t miss out the great trip Chimera´s fires and enjoy the great view of the fires blazing on Mountain Yanartas, which can be seen 70 kiometers from the city of Antalya. We would like to invite you on a trip to one of the most mystical places in all Turkey – Mountain Yanartas (Yanartas = burning rock). 


Chimera´s Fires are the only place on the whole world, where many flaming lights radiate to the earth´s surface all year round! This breathtaking phonemenom is called „Chimera Fires“. Natural gas penetrates the earth´s surface. The flames of the fire disappear in various ways and reappear on the different place in the same time. Will bring you unforgettable view of something so wonderful, and only during your trip from Kemer, located from the Chimera´s fires only 25 kilometers!


The Chimera´s Fires are located less than two kilemters from the Mediterranan coast and in the past served as a landmark for sailors. Of course the best time to visit The Chimera´s fires is at night. Chimera´s Fires trip will leave you with an unforgettable feelings. During the day, the fires are not so well visible as at night, so don´t forget that. 


The word Chimera in latin translation means a burning stone, it is precisely this place that is looking for tourists not only from Kemer, but also Turkish, who are enjoying their vacation on the south of Turkey.


An old legend says that it was here that the fearless Bellerophon, on his horse Pegasus, trampled into the ground a creature spewing fire with a lion´s head, goat´s body and a snake´s tail – CHIMERA, which caused enormou problems to the locals of Lycia. 


During your trip from Kemer, you will also have the opportunity to visit the famous beach of Olympos, where you will be able to bath and refresh yourself while admiring the ruins of the ancient city of Olympos. Olympos Nation Park is located just few kilometers from Antalya. Beautiful sandy beache of Olympos, which are surrounded by the majestic Taurus Mountains. The landscape of Olympos Nation Par was declared a national park in 1972 and the highest mountain Olympos reaches a height of 2366 meters above the sea level. The local nature, thanks to the fact that it is a nation park is untouched, colorful and definitely worth a look. Sea turtles lay eggs on the beache and in thw mountains you can see for example wolves. 


Of course, after such a demanding trip from Kemer, there is also a stop for diner, which you will be able to enjoy by the mountain river Ulupinar, which is known for its amazing atmosphere and surrounding nature. Why? Beautiful small tents built directly on the river Ulupinar will guarantee you a feeling of peace and quiet. And even in the warmest Turkish weather, you will be greeted by a cold mountain breeze. Picnics on the muontain river Ulupinar are poupular place that is sought after not only by tourists during their holiday in Kemer, but also by locals when they have a day of and want to enjoy a refreshing day with family and friends.


The trip to the Chimera´s fires from Kemer is an unfrogettable trip, during which you will experience adventures and you will see something that does not just appear in the world. This trip from Kemer is suitable for families with children, as well as for groups of friends and couples in love. Can you imagine propose your loved one next to the flames of fire blazing straight from the face of the earth? Sounds like great idea to us! The advantage is that the trip to Chimera´s fires in in the evening, so during the day you can enjoy your holiday in Kemer, sunbathe on the beach and relax and get the new experiences in the evening! The price of this trip includes an Enslish-speaking guide, a transfer from the hotel from Kemer and back, a ticket to the Chimera´s fires to Yanartas Mountain and diner. The price of the trip does not include drinks during a diner and other personal expenses. So don´t forget your swimsuit so you can bath on the beach of Olympos, towel and water to drink.


Don´t forget to make your reservation for Fires of Chimera trip from Kemer with us, with Nasa Tour. Unforgettable view is waiting!

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