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Craving For Sweets In Alanya

Craving For Sweets In Alanya

  • 01 July Monday, 2019

Turkish people are tough sweet and delicious eateries, which is why almost everywhere you can find a variety of delicacies and local sweets on a different scale than in anywhere!  We recommend testing even once a downtown Hanci restaurant / café, as well as their baklava and Turkish tea. A wonderful combination!

Baklava is a really popular Turkish delicacy.  Baklava is a sweet pastry made from filo dough, the main ingredients of which are filo dough, nuts and syrup.

 Many also eat baklava with Turkish goat's ice cream, and Turkish tea on the side. Really delicious combination! There is no such taste in anywhere else! There are other delicious delicacies in the local cafes and delicacies. We recommend that you head towards the Alanyum Shopping Center, where you can find in the middle of the downstairs, a shop of delicatessen where you can find almost hundreds of different Turkish delicacies at a very affordable price.

Here you can taste everything on request and every employee speaks fluent English and other languages. Some of the delicacies may look a bit strange and special, but we promise you will be delighted with every mouthful. Don't let a different look fool you! Here in Alanya you won't be so delighted with gummy bears or chocolate bars, but more with these local self-made candys and different nuts.

Nuts and seeds are also very popular here, and you will usually find large nut shelves full of different species and flavored in shops. Ice cream made from goat's milk is also a amazing experience. Goat milk Ice cream is wonderfully creamy and even slightly canned, stretchy, and does not leave any pieces so easily.

 We recommend testing it! The flavors are also amazing, banana ice cream tastes just like you would eat the real banana!     Waffles are also popular here.  From the streets you can find the real waffle cafes where dozens of differently filled and prepared fresh hot waffles are served.  The most popular waffle Cafe is the Vanillart Waffle Café, right next to the Atatürk statue. 

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