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  • 30 March Monday, 2020

Do you want to get behind the wheel and enjoy the beautiful nature in Alanya?  Then we would definitely recommend you a quad or buggy car safari. These excursions allow you to drive yourself with our agile and powerful vehicles.

 Each tour takes about 3 hours and during this time you will learn how to drive safely and in a controlled way without any worries.  You will also get to see the local nature and see what life in Alanya is like outside the hustle and bustle of downtown. On the way, we take a break to swim, relax, take pictures or explore the beautiful nature what Alanya offers to you.  If you wish, you can drive alone or with your friend, whichever you prefer. And of course your tour guide will be experienced guide, who takes care of all the safety, well-being and comfort, because we Nasa Tour, we want to provide the best for our customers!

 First, we're going to teach you how to safely operate your vehicle, and review the safety rules.  Our ATVs are easy to control and strong enough to face even the toughest obstacles and bends in the Alanya Mountains.  Also, buggy cars are safe and easy to drive. Although there is no roof, the vehicle is surrounded by strong guardrails that protect the vehicle and its occupant.  As long as you follow the instructions given, you can drive without fear. However, carry sunglasses, a bandana or some kind of scarf with you, to cover your mouth and nose as you drive on the terrain and can fly mud and dust from the ATV in front.  On the spot, we give everyone a helmet to protect their head.

 Jump with us on the Nasa Tour for a wildly fun quad or buggy car ride!  Also be prepared for high ups and downs,hills, mud and just about anything you can find in Alanya's mysterious terrain and mountains.  And as always, the price includes transportation and insurance. There are also professional photographers on site and you can buy pictures from them on the spot if you want and keep those wonderful memories with you forever.


Come and spend amazing Alanya tour with us!

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