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About Alanya Jeep Safari

About Alanya Jeep Safari

  • 18 July Saturday, 2020

Is Jeep Safari a familiar excursion for you in Alanya? If not, then join us right away to spend a memorable tour with us! This is Alanya's most popular activity among tourists and our trip has never failed anyone.

As our strong jeeps goes along Alanya's beautiful nature, with good music, we promise that there will be a smile on everyone's lips and all their worries will be forgotten.

We also drive for bumpy, steep ups and downs, so hold on to your hat to keep it with you!    On the way we visit the local Turkish village, dine on Turkish food, stop by to admire the beautiful Alanya nature, waterfall and landscapes, swim, relax and enjoy a lovely dinner together.

Those who are interested also have the opportunity to fish beside at dinner. We drive through bananas, oranges and lemons gardens, which grow really lush in the summer.

On this trip you can see the other side of Alanya, which not all tourists can see. We visit places where there are no tourists at all, and that makes the moment so much more unique.

Alanya hides all its beautiful places in a little hideaway, but that's why we're here on the Nasa Tour to show them to you. Alanya is much more than just city life, the sea, the beach and the tourists!

A great day excursion for the whole family, everyone will enjoy this one!

The excursion lasts from 09.00 to 15.00, so you can enjoy this day comfortably! Just take with you water, sunglasses, sun cream and a swimsuit for a dip in the cool mountain stream. As I mentioned at the beginning, a jeep safari to the most popular activitiy in Alanya, therefore, please take care that you book your tickets early because these are exported quite out of hand.

Many tourists visit this trip many times during their stay, because of its fun! What better way to start your morning than with a fun jeep safari, beautiful Alanya, good company and good music ?!  Come with us on Nasa Tour to spend memorable moments on your Alanya vacation!

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